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Suspended Ceilings

GM Ceilings & Interiors offer supply and/or fit of all types of suspended ceiling grid and ceiling tiles. Suspended or
false ceilings are used where aesthetics play vital roles within any business. It is very important to create a respectable and comfortable atmosphere within any modern day working environment.
Suspended ceilings are fundamentally designed to conceal wiring, piping and other services. There are many manufacturers of suspended ceiling tiles such as Armstrong, Amf, Ecophon, Owa, British Gypsum and burgess. There are also many types of suspended ceilings systems. There are 15mm and 24mm ceiling grid combinations, clean room ceiling grid, corrosive resistant ceiling grid and concealed ceiling grid.

MF Ceilings

MF ceilings are a lightweight metal frame which have the same benefits that all suspended ceiling systems have to offer. MF ceilings are used when a plasterboard finish is required. MF ceilings can be insulated and can last a lifetime as they can be re-decorated. MF ceilings are very popular in schools, hospitals, domestic and many other types of building, they are great for covering up old out of level ceilings such as plaster lath or if a room needs to meet certain regulations for insurance or building regulations whether it be fire, acoustic even moisture. MF ceilings can have either a plaster skim finish or a tape and joint finish.

Dry Lining & Partitions

We construct and install all types of metal stud partitions, timber stud partitions and dry lining systems. Stud partitions can be used in all types of buildings, domestic and commercial and can cover all applications, from fire through to high performance office partitions. Metal stud partitions are designed to meet the most demanding fire resistance, sound/acoustic insulation, impact and height requirements.
There are various options availabe when choosing metal stud partitions

– 50mm c stud
– 70mm c stud
– 90mm c stud
– 146mm jumbo stud

Dry lining or dot and dab is ideal for both new build and refurbishments. It is used on perimeter walls where space saving is key. Dry lining can hide unsightly or uneven walls and can make them look brand new.